Conditions & Treatments

Chiropodists and Podiatrists Oakham

I am able to offer treatment, advice and/or management plans for many conditions including:

  • Thickened nails

Thickened nails can be extensively thinned.

  • Fungal nail conditions

The nails can be reduced and cleaned up, I can discuss treatment options and take nail samples for path lab analysis if desired.

  • Plantar Fascitis/heel pain

Correctly identify this common debilitating condition, then treat and advise accordingly.

  • Ingrown toe nails

Depending on the severity, either simply manage conservatively with cutting, try to encourage nail growth clear of the sulcus or administer Local Anaesthetic and remove part of the nail and prevent regrowth. NB: The minimum amount of nail possible is removed for cosmetic reasons wherever possible.

  • Diabetic assessments

Diabetes can have detrimental effects on the feet so regular assessments will determine any changes occurring in the circulation or nervous sensations that may render the feet more vunerable to infection/damage. Proper foot care is essential for Diabetics.

  • Hard Corns

Hard plugs of dead skin that occur as a response to pressue and should be removed. If unattended they may result in septic lesions.

  • Callus

Wider area of hard skin due to pressure, often leading up to or including corns, again this should be removed.

  • Soft Corns

Occur between the toes due to friction where the toes rub together, these can be reduced extensively.

  • Bunions, Hammer or Mallet toes

Some can be managed conservatively, some require referral for potential orthopaedic intervention.

  • Biomechanical problems

Assessment of how the foot hit’s the ground during walking can often determine why we are getting pain in e.g. Ankle/Knees/Hips or lower back. Orthotics may be prescribed and customised at the clinic or a prescription sent away for manufacture. This assessment is often carried out with the use of a treadmill at the “InStep” clinic.

  • Cracked Heels/Fissures

The skin around the heels often becomes thickened, can become unsightly in sandals and may crack and bleed. This can be reduced so that emollients(moisturisers) actually start to work.

  • Athletes Foot

Correctly identified and appropriate treatment advised, preventative suggestions offered.

  • Psoriasis

Management of the skin and nails affected by this systemic condition.

  • Verrucas (Warts)

Human papiloma virus, once correctly identified, various treatments can be carried out or advised.

  • Flat feet(Pes Planus)

Orthotics may be needed + an exercise regime if suitable for that particular patient.

  • Metatarsalgia (Pain in the forefoot)

This could be due to several causes e.g. a Neuroma or a Fracture and examination is needed to try to determine the cause and then the necessary treatment.

  • Domiciliary Care

Treatments for people who for whatever reason, feel that they need or prefer to be treated at home.

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: If anyone ever attends the clinic and presents with a condition that I am not 100% sure about, I will always try to refer on, where appropriate, to another discipline e.g. Osteopath, Physio, G.P. e.t.c. in order to try to achieve the best possible outcome for that person.


Place Strive LogoIn or around March 2015 we will be able to offer “Strive” sandals and shoes to the public. Finally a solution for ladies who want to look stylish, not “fuddy-duddy” as many describe it, whilst obtaining the correct support their feet need.

“Strive” are owned by Langar UK who, after 34 years in the business, are world leaders in designing, making and supplying foot health care appliances for the medical market.
“STRIVE” footwear not only looks good ,but (perhaps more importantly!) incorporates unique sole geometry meaning Langar have used their knowledge to create a biomechanical sole featuring a (pat pending) dual density sole unit to offer stability & support within the heel and mid-foot and soft cushioning in the forefoot.

This results in a shoe or sandal which can control and reduce any excessive pronation (in-rolling/arch collapsing) thus helping to align the body correctly with the aim of easing pain in e.g. lower back, hips ,knees and also reduce muscle fatigue because the foot is properly supported.

Footwear Example

With this type of ready made supportive foot bed incorporated, “STRIVE” sandals especially may offer a stylish solution for many ladies who may be struggling for foot support in summer footwear.