foot balance oakhamIntroducing Foot Balance

Here at Instep Podiatry Rutland we are pleased to introduce “FOOT BALANCE”, a foot analysis system that allows us to identify a person’s foot type quickly and accurately, which in turn enables us to demonstrate to the patient the potential impact that poor foot alignment can have on the body.

The system also allows us to accurately mould light weight, low bulk 100% custom orthotics there and then, thus ensuring a fast and efficient turn-around time so as to enable the patient to start to feel the benefits of orthotic therapy much quicker than conventional casting/impression taking.

If the patient wishes, they can enter their email address on to the system and a break-down of their analysis will be sent direct to them.

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Sports Massage Oakham RutlandSPORTS MASSAGE

Massage has been used as a physical therapy for thousands of years and anyone who engages in physical activity for sports or fitness, regardless of age, fitness level or intensity of training, can benefit from sports massage.

Sports massage involves the manipulation of the soft (connective) tissues to benefit those who engage in any form of physical activity.

NB: Connective tissues are those that haven’t hardened into bone and cartilage such as skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (which encases the other soft tissues).

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shutterstock_115521190WHAT ARE VERRUCAE?

Verrucae are benign tumours caused by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV). The most common warts (aka “Verrucae” on feet) are the subtypes HPV1, 2 and 4.

HPV1 infection is responsible for the largest, most painful type of verruca. They do not go deepest into the tissue, but the skin cells involved become filled with fluid which in turn creates pressure in these cells so that when the infected area is trodden on, the pressure from the fluid and our body weight makes the verruca feel painful. [Read more…]

Diabetes & The Feet: What You Need To Know

The human body is a phenomenal piece of natural engineering. However, because the human body is such a complex piece of biological equipment, it’s not uncommon for diseases and certain medical conditions to affect parts of our body which at first glance seem completely unrelated.

In the case of diabetes, for example, it’s widely accepted that diabetes itself can lead to significant problems with not just our metabolism but our feet also. This is because diabetes causes reduced blood flow to our extremities which in turn can lead to degradation of the nerves in our feet. This degradation is referred to as sensory diabetic neuropathy and is estimated to affect 10% of all diabetics at some point.

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Plantar Fasciitis: It’s Causes, Symptoms, And Management

Plantar Fasciitis is a very painful  inflammatory condition affecting the thick band of connective tissue known as the “Plantar Fascia”, that runs from the heel bone to the heads of the metatarsals (base of toes). This fascia helps to maintain the longitudinal arch of the foot and helps in shock absorption when we are on our feet. 

Some thickening of the fascia and loss of elasticity may also occur with the inflammation as a response to injury.

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